Stretch reciclat RPC 300 metri

37,35 RON (TVA inclus) 39,32 RON
31,39 RON (fara TVA)
Costurile de livrare nu sunt incluse
Culoare Cantitate Buc/Bax Pret net Pret total Cantitate
transparent 10 baxuri 60
1.884,03 RON
2.242,00 RON
2.360,00 RON
transparent Bax 1
188,40 RON
224,20 RON
236,00 RON
transparent bucata 1
31,39 RON
37,35 RON
39,32 RON
transparent palet 1
11.300,21 RON
13.447,25 RON
14.155,00 RON
Stoc epuizat


17 my / 420mm wide / 300 m long

We are proud to introduce to the Romanian market for the first time the RPC recycled stretch film. THE PRC refers to post-consumer recycling which guarantees that it is a truly eco-friendly and sustainable product! Also the RPC recycled stretch has good transparency, excellent puncture resistance and good soldering.

RPC recycled stretch composition:

25% new

grain 75% recycled content of which minimum 51% post-consumer recycling!

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